Did Steven Covey Die? How to Stay Plugged In When You’ve Tuned Out








One word:  Prioritize.  Covey would agree.

I just heard Steven Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, founder of Franklin Covey and general life guru died.  He died on July 16th, 10 days ago.  I am just hearing about this now.  How is that possible?  When I Googled it, many articles came up, but I was still surprised I didn’t hear more about it sooner. I mean I’m plugged in right?

No, I really haven’t been.  I needed my world to smaller for just a few days.  These were the days apparently Steven Covey died.

It is important you stay plugged in all the time.  But to the right things at the right time.  If you don’t know this, current leaders, managers, directors have to stay plugged in ALL the time. This can’t be overstated. Our paycheck depends on our ability to know, on a personal level, our employees.  The best managers have social relationships at work. That means you really have to:

  • Talk to people
  • Engage your employees using social media (really you do)
  • Understand your people

Yes—you must be plugged in at all times but NOT to all things.  Something must give. Plugging into people sometimes means you need to tune out of the rest of the world.  About that world being smaller thing…I needed to tune out of the Batman movie massacre.  I needed to tune out of the political opining on every news outlet.  I needed to tune out of the John Travolta sex scandal. I had to tune out.

Being plugged into people doesn’t mean you have to only spend face-time with them (although that is important).  You can use several other mediums.  But it takes a lot of brain-power to stay plugged in through all the mediums.  Still do it.  You just have to tune the other noise out even more.

It’s not your job to be a beat-reporter.  It’s your job to tune in to your real-life people.

2 thoughts on “Did Steven Covey Die? How to Stay Plugged In When You’ve Tuned Out

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